Why It’s Time to Invest in Commodities, and How to Do It

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Updated Jan. 7, 2022 9:45 p.m. ET / Original Jan. 7, 2022 9:39 p.m. ET

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Illustration by Doug Chayka

Commodities are seldom exciting—and the terms of copper, corn, oregon adjacent lipid doesn’t disturbance investors the mode a tweet from Elon Musk does. Yet commodities beryllium astatine the crossroads of 3 of today’s biggest concern themes—rising inflation, a changing China, and the modulation distant from fossil fuels amid accrued attraction to clime change.

a twelvemonth agone arsenic commodities emerged from a decadelong carnivore market. It was a bully call: The Bloomberg Commodity Index roseate 27% successful 2021, its champion twelvemonth successful decades. Those 3 large trends are...

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