Was the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol an Act of ‘Terrorism’?

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A crisp rebuke of Senator Ted Cruz by the Fox News big Tucker Carlson has heightened a ineligible and semantic statement implicit a charged term.

 The Fox News big   Tucker Carlson criticized Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for calling the events of Jan. 6 a violent  attack. “Why did you usage  that word?” helium  asked.
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Charlie Savage

Jan. 7, 2022, 6:28 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — After a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol past year, galore Democrats and Republicans alike denounced the riot utilizing presumption similar “terrorism.” But galore Republicans aboriginal backed distant from specified condemnations arsenic they sought to realign themselves with erstwhile President Donald J. Trump.

The highest-profile illustration yet came connected Thursday, erstwhile the Fox News big Tucker Carlson accused Senator Ted Cruz of purposefully lying due to the fact that helium had continued to telephone the events of Jan. 6 a violent attack, including at a Senate proceeding this week.

Mr. Cruz, Republican of Texas, apologized, calling his phrasing “frankly dumb” and saying that helium was referring lone to those rioters who assaulted the police. Mr. Carlson, who has insinuated that Jan. 6 may person been a plot to warrant a “purge” of Trump-supporting “patriots,” rejected Mr. Cruz’s explanation, citing his accordant usage of that word implicit the past twelvemonth to picture the Capitol attack.

Here is simply a person look astatine the charged statement implicit the usage of the word.

Essentially, it is politically motivated violence.

Denouncing Mr. Cruz, Mr. Carlson declared that “by nary definition” was Jan. 6 “a panic attack.” But Congress has enacted a statute that defines home coercion arsenic transgression offenses that are unsafe to quality life, deficiency a overseas nexus and look to beryllium seeking “to power the argumentation of a authorities by intimidation oregon coercion.”

According to that definition, immoderate of the events of Jan. 6 “were acts of home terrorism, and that’s close careless of whether it applies to each individual,” said Mary McCord, who served arsenic a elder Justice Department nationalist information authoritative successful the Obama medication and into the aboriginal Trump era.

She added, “We are talking astir acts that were unsafe to quality beingness and that were successful usurpation of transgression laws, and they were surely done to power authorities argumentation due to the fact that they were trying to forestall the counting of Electoral College votes.”

No. More than 700 radical person been charged to date successful transportation with the Capitol attack, and they are accused of a spectrum of crimes. Just arsenic lone immoderate person been charged with conspiracy and obstruction of an authoritative proceeding, lone immoderate person been charged with convulsive offenses similar assaulting constabulary officers and destroying authorities property. Others person been charged lone with nonviolent crimes, specified arsenic illegally entering a restricted building.

Mr. Cruz told Mr. Carlson that astatine the Senate proceeding this week, helium was not saying that “the thousands of peaceful protesters supporting Donald Trump are someway terrorists.” Rather, helium contended, helium was simply utilizing that word for radical who attacked constabulary officers — an mentation that Mr. Carlson, who agreed that specified radical should spell to situation but maintained that they were not terrorists either, rejected.

On galore occasions, Mr. Cruz has broadly called the battle connected the Capitol an “act of terrorism” without specifically limiting his words to constabulary assailants. In an interrogation a time aft the riot, for example, helium described the “terrorist attack” arsenic “a traumatic acquisition for everyone successful the gathering and everyone crossed the country,” and helium referred to a rioter who “broke into the Senate chamber” and “did damage” arsenic a “terrorist.”

No. Mr. Carlson asked Mr. Cruz, “How galore radical person been charged with coercion connected Jan. 6?” The reply is zero — but that information is profoundly misleading.

Congress — contempt establishing a ineligible explanation for “domestic terrorism” — has not created immoderate stand-alone national crime called that. As a result, it is not imaginable for prosecutors to complaint immoderate of the Jan. 6 rioters “with terrorism” careless of whether they committed violent acts.

Yes. Dozens of defendants are facing charges that volition springiness prosecutors the accidental to inquire for longer sentences by invoking the discourse of home terrorism. It is not yet wide however harsh prosecutors and judges volition beryllium erstwhile it comes clip to condemnation uncooperative defendants who importune connected going to proceedings and past get convicted, alternatively than striking plea deals.

Key Figures successful the Jan. 6 Inquiry

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In 1 statute, for example, Congress deemed astir 4 twelve offenses arsenic eligible to number arsenic a “federal transgression of terrorism” if the acts were “calculated to power oregon impact the behaviour of authorities by intimidation oregon coercion, oregon to retaliate against authorities conduct.” Under sentencing guidelines, such a condemnation tin effect successful a overmuch longer situation term.

The database includes destruction of authorities property, a complaint that 44 defendants are facing truthful far, according to the Justice Department’s tally of the Jan. 6 cases. The database besides includes a “weapon of wide destruction” complaint that whitethorn beryllium brought if the F.B.I. finds whoever enactment tube bombs extracurricular the Capitol Hill headquarters of some large governmental parties the nighttime earlier the riot.

In addition, 2 defendants truthful acold person been charged with making mendacious statements. Under a abstracted law, prosecutors tin inquire for a condemnation of up to eight years, alternatively than the mean five, if specified lies impact home terrorism.

Because cipher likes terrorists. And arsenic a substance of mean speech, arsenic opposed to ineligible definitions, drafting the enactment betwixt “terrorism” and little pejorative presumption for politically motivated unit tin beryllium notoriously subjective.

“Why did you usage that word?” Mr. Carlson asked Mr. Cruz.

He accused the legislator of playing into a characterization by “the different side” seeking to smear the “entire population” of Trump supporters arsenic “foreign combatants,” likening it to labels similar “insurrection” and “coup.”

Notably, during the nationwide protests aft the constabulary sidesplitting of George Floyd successful Minneapolis successful 2020, Mr. Carlson called connected the Justice Department to complaint “every azygous idiosyncratic caught connected camera torching a building, destroying a monument, defacing a church” with terrorism.

“Call them what they really are — home terrorists,” helium said, adding: “That would beryllium their caller government-approved title. Once they’re charged, it’s official. In fact, they are literally, arsenic a factual matter, accused terrorists. And that would alteration minds close away.”

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