The ‘best job in America’ pays up to $125,000 a year — and has 10,000 job openings

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Most radical privation to find a occupation that keeps up with inflation, provides some level of flexibility, but they besides privation to beryllium happy. After all, astir Americans walk astatine slightest 8 hours a time moving — and often without paid clip off.

It’s the $125,000 question successful an progressively unpredictable labour market: How tin you person it all? Is determination a occupation that comes with the imaginable of a six-figure income, precocious occupation restitution and has capable occupation openings to marque it a existent possibility?

Workers discontinue their jobs astatine grounds gait successful November, suggesting that radical are fed up. The fig of quits accrued by 370,000 to a grounds 4.5 cardinal successful November. The “quits rate” roseate to 3% from 2.8% successful October. 

At the aforesaid time, occupation openings fell by 529,000 to 10.6 cardinal connected the past time of November, the Labor Department said this week. Economists polled by The Wall Street Journal had forecast a summation to 11.1 cardinal vacancies.

Computer scientists stay successful precocious demand

Companies are ever keen to usage intel to amended ratio and larn much astir their customers and, so, machine scientists are successful precocious demand. They are besides 1 of the privileged professions to person the accidental to enactment remotely.

Java developers are No. 1 connected Glassdoor’s “50 Best Jobs successful America” for 2021. They typically enactment astatine startups focused connected the instauration of a assortment of web applications to spell to marketplace and to capable existing lawsuit orders, the careers website said.

They boast a wage scope of $69,000 to $125,000 and person a median basal yearly wage of much than $93,000. They had a 4.2 retired of 5.0 occupation rating, and determination are astir 10,103 occupation openings for Java developers.

Java developers ideally person a bachelor’s grade successful machine subject with a nonrecreational IT certification, and are required to person adept level Java programming, positive acquisition successful database absorption and machine architecture.

Data scientists were No. 2 connected the list

They were followed by information scientists astatine No. 2 ($113,736 median yearly basal salary) and merchandise managers astatine No. 3 ($121,107), endeavor architects astatine No. 4 ($131,361) and devops engineers astatine No. 5 ($110,003).

Data scientists and bundle developers usage programming connection specified arsenic Python, followed by R, SQL, Hadoop and the much well-known Java. Product managers are liable for the strategy and blueprint of a merchandise oregon merchandise line.

An endeavor designer is liable for a company’s full IT infrastructure, portion a devops technologist is proficient successful some engineering and coding, and creates and implements systems software, and improves existing systems.

These machine idiosyncratic positions are successful precocious request crossed each industries, vocation consultants say, peculiarly successful Silicon Valley companies specified arsenic Facebook FB, -0.59%, Alphabet GOOG, -0.45% GOOGL, -0.41% and Microsoft MSFT, -1.71%, among galore others.

Three factors comprise Glassdoor’s score

The “Glassdoor Job Score” is determined by weighing 3 factors equally: Earning imaginable (median yearly basal salary), wide occupation restitution standing and fig of occupation openings. C-suite and intern level jobs were excluded from this report.

For a occupation rubric to beryllium considered, it indispensable person astatine slightest 100 wage reports and astatine slightest 100 occupation restitution ratings shared by U.S.-based employees successful 1 year. Results correspond occupation titles that complaint highly among each of those 3 categories.

The “Glassdoor Job Score” is determined by weighing 3 factors equally: Earning imaginable (median yearly basal salary), wide occupation restitution standing and — of captious involvement — fig of occupation openings.

But machine scientists person competition. A abstracted study by the U.S. News & World Report on the champion jobs of the twelvemonth lists doc adjunct arsenic No. 1 ($112,260 median wage and 39,300 openings). Software developers were No. 2.

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