Sean Hannity’s Texts Rip The News Mask Off Of Fox News

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Sean Hannity’s texts are written impervious that Fox News is not a quality web and needs to halt being treated similar one.

The 1/6 Committee released respective damning texts from Sean Hannity to the Trump White House:

“We can’t suffer the full WH counsels office. I bash NOT spot January 6 happening the mode helium is being told. After the 6 th. [sic] He should denote volition pb the nationwide effort to betterment voting integrity. Go to Fl and ticker Joe messiness up daily. Stay engaged. When helium speaks radical volition listen.”

Similarly, connected January 5, the nighttime earlier the convulsive riot, you sent and received a watercourse of texts. You wrote: “Im precise disquieted astir the adjacent 48 hours.” 

Also, connected the evening of January 5, you texted Mr. Meadows: “Pence pressure. WH counsel volition leave.” 

Fox News Is Not A News Network

Rachel Maddow isn’t acting arsenic an advisor to the Biden White House. Joy Reid isn’t giving White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain governmental guidance. Chri Cuomo astatine CNN was participating successful his member erstwhile New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s intimidation and smear run against his accuses, and CNN rightly fired him.

News enactment employees bash not enactment arsenic governmental advisors to elected officials, and they study the quality oregon connection commentary and analysis. They don’t enactment arsenic a shadiness advisor and past usage their level to propulsion the docket that they are moving connected down closed doors.

Sean Hannity lied to his audience.

Fox News is built connected a lie.

Fox has gone from a blimpish quality web successful the 1990s to a right-wing governmental enactment that happens to employment a fewer journalists to support up the quality facade.

Fox News is not news, and it is clip for the media and governmental establishments to halt treating them similar they are.

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