Mitch McConnell Is Panicking Over Democrats’ Planned Filibuster Reform

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Mitch McConnell met with reporters and called the Senate Democrats’ planned filibuster betterment genuine radicalism.

McConnell told reporters:

McConnell objects to Democrats’ plans to alteration filibuster rules to walk democracy/election legislation. “Make nary mistake astir it, this is genuine radicalism,” helium says. “They privation to crook the Senate into the House. They privation to marque it casual to fundamentally alteration the country.”

— Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) January 4, 2022

Sen. McConnell is wrong. Genuine radicalism is allowing 1 legislator to contradict the bulk of the Senate the quality to transportation retired the volition of the people. The 60 ballot regularisation is radically undemocratic. The quality of 1 legislator to artifact authorities from being discussed connected the Senate level by doing thing much than saying nary is genuine radicalism.

Mitch McConnell knows that the filibuster does not beryllium successful the Constitution. The close of the number to power the docket successful the Senate is simply a cardinal tyranny of the minority.

Minority Leader McConnell’s comments suggest that helium knows that existent betterment is simply a superior possibility. Senate Republicans don’t privation filibuster betterment due to the fact that if they had to commencement keeping the level and equine talking filibusters, the filibuster would virtually die.

Democrats similar Joe Manchin are not opposed to filibuster reform. They are opposed to ending the filibuster itself.

Sen. McConnell, and his strategy of abusing the Senate rules to obstruct Democratic presidents, is the crushed why filibuster betterment could hap wrong the adjacent 2 weeks.

Mitch McConnell broke the Senate, and Democrats are person than ever to fixing it.

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