Market highlights January 11: Cryptos mostly lower, rate rise threat unsettles US markets

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The crypto marketplace arsenic a full is bearish today. US markets were mixed yesterday, with the menace of aggregate upcoming complaint rises causing investors to reposition their portfolios. The tech-heavy NASDAQ100 (+0.14%) was the lone large US scale to decorativeness successful the greenish yesterday. Investors volition beryllium pursuing the grounds of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, who is acceptable to attest earlier the Senate Banking Committee.

Top cryptos

The crypto marketplace was mostly little implicit the past 24 hours, arsenic the bulk of apical 10 cryptos were successful the reddish this morning. Bitcoin stood out, registering tiny gains, and trading supra $42,000 astatine clip of writing. Ethereum and Cardano were down astir 1%, portion XRP registered tiny losses.

Terra’s LUNA token was not spared the ramifications of the caller crypto bloodbath. However, it’s 1 of the fewer apical 10 coins that are opening to recover. Today, it gained 2%, arsenic did Polygon.

Top movers

NEAR is today’s biggest victor successful the apical 100. Its terms is $16.44 with a 24-hour trading measurement of conscionable nether $1.8 billion. The NEAR token is up 17% successful the past 24 hours.

Oasis, a privacy-focused furniture 1 blockchain built for unfastened concern and a liable information economy, gained 10% today. Cosmos added 6% to its worth today. IOTA, the lone blockchainless blockchain, is different 1 of the fewer gainers connected this time of crypto marketplace gloom. It has added astir 3% to its worth successful the past 24 hours. 

On the losing side, we person Arweave with -8%, Loopring with -7%, and The Graph and SAND, some of which mislaid 6%. Ravencoin and CELO are besides down by 6% each, reversing caller gains.

BORA mislaid different 5% contiguous and is down to #100 successful the coin rankings aft losing implicit a 4th of its worth successful a week. It risks falling retired of the apical 100 if the bearish inclination continues.


SpookyShiba, which bills itself arsenic the archetypal "horror genre" token, is simply a dog-themed meme coin that added 40% to its worth today. Its creators are moving connected an NFT marketplace, which volition beryllium released successful aboriginal 2022, hence the token’s terms surge.

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