Harmony (ONE) is surging in 2022 – Where will it go next?

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Harmony (ONE) is hands down the champion performing token successful the aboriginal stages of 2022. After breaking its December downtrend connected the past time of 2021, the token has established immoderate outstanding bullish momentum, gaining astir 32% implicit the past 7 days. So, wherever volition the token spell next? First, immoderate highlights.

  • After a pugnacious December correction, Harmony (ONE) is present connected an uptrend that could spot it summation up to 50% successful January.

  • At the clip of writing, the token was trading astatine $0.3175, astir 8% from its 2021 yearly highs.

  • The level has besides invested heavy successful processing an NFT ecosystem that could assistance boost capitalist sentiment.

Data Source: Tradingview.com 

Harmony (ONE) – Price enactment and prediction

It was mostly expected that the crypto marketplace would rebound successful 2022 aft a terrible correction astatine the process extremity of 2021. But portion astir coins person traded sideways astatine best, Harmony (ONE) is mounting the gait for growth.

The token is up 32% successful a week, and we were intimately watching to spot if it breaks past the $0.3 resistance. At the clip of writing, ONE was already astatine $0.3175 and is consolidating astir that price. RSI readings besides stay moderate, suggesting that much bullish enactment is yet to come.

We expect this uptrend to proceed successful January and propulsion Harmony (ONE) towards its 2021 yearly highs. As of now, the adjacent upside absorption is astir $0.32. It's apt that ONE could interruption past that this week.

Why you should bargain Harmony (ONE)

Investors person successful caller weeks been looking astatine alternate altcoins arsenic the main cryptos slump. Harmony (ONE) is 1 of the astir promising altcoins today. 

The level is besides doing immoderate bully enactment astir NFT ecosystems, thing that should assistance support affirmative capitalist sentiment. With a marketplace headdress of astir $3.1 billion, determination is inactive a batch of imaginable for ONE.

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