Dick And Liz Cheney Were The Only Republicans On The House Floor For 1/6 Moment Of Silence

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Former VP Dick Cheney and his girl Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) were the lone 2 Republicans to amusement up for the 1/6 infinitesimal of silence.

Former VP Cheney told ABC News:

First connected ABC: Dick Cheney connected 1/6 day to @jonkarl:

“It’s an important humanities event. You can’t overestimate however important it is.”

He added:

“I’m profoundly disappointed we don’t person amended enactment successful the Republican enactment to reconstruct the Constitution.”

— Ben Siegel (@bensiegel) January 6, 2022

Rep. Cheney aboriginal tweeted a connection from her father:

I americium profoundly disappointed astatine the nonaccomplishment of galore members of my enactment to admit the sedate quality of the January 6 attacks and the ongoing menace to our nation.”
– Former VP Dick Cheney (2/2)

— Rep. Liz Cheney (@RepLizCheney) January 6, 2022

If you would person told Democrats, liberals, and progressives backmost successful 2006 that they would someday beryllium nodding their heads successful statement with Dick and Liz Cheney connected anything, they astir apt would person had you cause tested.

Liz and Dick Cheney are inactive Republicans, but the Republican Party isn’t Republican anymore.

It is the enactment of Trump. The Cheneys, conscionable similar the Bushes, person watched the Republican Party morph into an authoritarian home panic cell.

Republicans inactive beryllium successful the United States, but the existent Republicans who clasp blimpish values and enactment the state up of the enactment person been replaced by Donald Trump’s pod people.

It is simply a governmental penetration of the assemblage snatchers. These radical look similar Republicans. They adjacent person the aforesaid names arsenic galore Republicans, but they are decidedly not the enactment of Dick and Liz Cheney immoderate longer.

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